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Your contacts

Galvano‛s motto is ‘at home in the bathroom’ and our staff are therefore bathroom experts. They assist our clients by recommending the most appropriate products, offering sound advices and high quality service. Furthermore, we have a particularly low staff turnover. This offers the added advantage that product and market knowledge can be adequately accumulated and maintained within the company. This also enables us to forge long-term, win-win relationships with our clients.

Galvano also boasts a wealth of experience and an extensive network of contacts on the purchasing side; we know the manufacturers and they know us. This enables us to compile a competitive collection of brands and products offered by the broad field of suppliers, which in turn enables our clients to do business more successfully.

As a wholesaler, we operate in the area where our clients’ and suppliers’ interests merge. We have therefore opted to assume an independent position in the value chain. This position enables us to offer both our clients and suppliers substantial added value. Galvano’s commercial policy is aimed at enabling the client to do business with the consumer successfully. This aim is supported by our sales teams, which have their own product and market specialisms.

Long term
Our clients are our most valuable resource. We do not believe in adopting an opportunist approach, but favour a joint long-term vision. Not only do we do everything within our power to attract clients, but also to retain them. This is evident from our figures, which show that 80% of our clients have been doing business with us for over five years, while 60% have been doing so for over ten!

Dedicated contacts
Galvano prefers to work with dedicated contacts. The appropriate people for you can be found either on the regional map or in the organigram in the secure section of the website.