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GOOP is an all-in-one software package for clients with their own showrooms. GOOP directly links offers, orders, sales, deliveries and billing. The package has a ‘Windows appearance’, enabling new users to quickly acquaint themselves with its familiar functions. GOOP stores data entered previously, thereby reducing the chance of input errors. Orders can be prepared offline, then forwarded later on the Internet. The package generates clear output, which can be readily adapted to the user’s own house style.

Users can also easily add their own articles or services to the range. The package itself offers the unique option of "linked articles and recepies’; complementary advice on articles that should be included in the offer.

GOOP can be used in combination with not only Galvano’s article database, but also those of fellow wholesalers. This just goes to show how confident we are concerning the quality of our databases, and our special consumer description in particular! And last but not least, GOOP offers extensive options for the generation of management data (margin control, individual overviews for sales assistants, etc.).

GOOP is supplied as standard together with an implementation day, during which the package is installed on the user’s system and initial training is given. Furthermore, once you have actually become a user, then you may rely on the full support of both Galvano’s ICT department, our helpdesk and Simar automatisering BV’s helpdesk.

Further information
For further information or a demonstration, or if you wish to order GOOP, please get in touch with your Galvano contact.